December Photo Diary

December in Florida. Hot, sticky, sweaty. Sometimes, I miss snowstorms, being cozy by a crackling fireplace with a warm mug of hot cinnamon apple cider.

But then, I remember I can go still go to the beach! The balmy breeze that greets me each morning feels like home. The vibrant sea of colors in Miami offers inspiration around every corner.

The month started with another amazing Art Basel experience. This was my second year attending, and I even participated as an artist! I was part of an all-girls poolside pop up event at the Broken Shaker, and it was a blast! I sold a few pins and tote bags, and met some new local lady artists.

For Christmas,  I ended up in North Carolina. No trip through the Carolinas would be complete without a visit (or two) to the kitschy and nostalgic South of the Border. On the way home, we stopped for about an hour and a half to take pictures. The rainbow polka dotted elephant was my favorite!

Dazed and Confused

Dazed and Confused, Collaboration with Graphic Designer Jade Purple Brown

In early April, I had my first shoot in my new home studio with my new 5D Mark III.

After 8 years of working with my cheap and trusty Nikon D3000, it finally saw it's last days. While I was in school last year at SVA, I shot with the 5D Mark III regularly - and I loved it. Owning my own is a dream come true! 

Enter Jade. Jade Purple Brown is an incredible graphic designer. I discovered her on Behance and we became instant internet BFFs. Her eye for vibrant, playful color and design work well with my own aesthetic. We decided a collaboration would be fun!

For this project, I shot with model Allison Braucher from Wilhelmina Philadelphia. Little did I know, this was her first real photo shoot! I adored her doll-like features and her positive attitude. I sent the photos over to Jade, and she made these super fun GIFs. 

Nothing makes me happier or feel more inspired than teaming up with other creatives.